Liptov offers a wide range of hiking, thanks to the convenient location and abundant and varied natural beauty. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of challenging hiking trails. Liptov is surrounded by highest mountains in Slovakia: High Tatras, West Tatras and Choc mountains in the north, Low Tatras in the south, High Fatra in the west and Poprad basin in the east. Facilitate orientation in the field marked trails. The most important long-distance trails are marked in red. Blue, green and yellow colors are used to mark local trails. All marked hiking trails start from towns, villages and tourist resorts. Other orientations in the field enables orientation boards, direction signs or maps. Hiking maps can be purchased at the information center. Unique experiences you bring the output to famous scenic landmarks Liptova Ginger bright Velky Choc, Baranec Jakubiná, Salatin or Poludnica. You can pass wonderful mountain walks in the Low Tatras, Greater Fatra. The attractive as well as transitional Prosiecka, Kvačianska Demänovská valley.

The beauty of the underground world of caves traditionally attracts blemishes year thousands of domestic and foreign visitors. Original shape drips of different colors and delicate beauty, huge stalactite and ice formations documenting the immense power of nature. In Slovakia there are more than 4,000 known caves to the public 12 were made on the territory of Liptov are three caves. Liptov is the beauty of caves and rich region, also known as Liptovsky karst. On the north side of Low Tatras in Demänovská valley is Demänovský Karst, which dominates in Demänovská cave system about 35 km long. In Demänovská Valley are two caves. Cave of freedom is one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. In addition to large quantities of inaccessible caves in Liptovský they are also karst abysses and other karst formations.


Are you interested in climbing and you like to overcome challanges, overcome obstacles, you love adventure? To get to the top, but themselves are not comfortable? Mountaineering school is for all those

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Liptovská Mara, also called Liptovské the sea, offering an area of several square kilometers enjoyment not only for fishermen and swimmers but also for fans of extreme sports. Try and you take off into the air on the flying paradise and experience the adrenaline family on an inflatable glider. There is also a banana boat suitable for gang of friends.

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Raftujte with true professionals who are dedicated to water sports since childhood. Rafting Adrenalin centrum Liptovský Mikuláš artificially built channel allows rafting rapids in the summer months, when the majority of the rivers dry riverbed. Length is approximately 350 m.

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Vlkolínec is for its cultural importance given in the List of World Cultural and Natural dedičstvaUNESCO. It located in Ruzomberok, in town častiBiely Potok toward Donovaly. The most visited settlements in Slovakia was first mentioned in 1376 and is not in any way disturbed by new construction. There is only the original folk buildings generating urban unit that is exceptionally well preserved. The bulk of the population consisted of loggers, shepherds and farmers. In its center, the village is divided into two streets, one of which leads to the church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary (d. 1875) and the other on the hill Sidorovo (1 099m.n.m.). Rustic two-storey belfry from 1770 on a stone stand and a log well, most repetitive objects in photos Vlkolínec. In addition to these, it is noteworthy protected 45 wooden houses from the 18th century that are of interest modify them.

Hrad Likava

Ruins are located in the village Likavka Ružomberská district. The first mention of the castle dates back Dorok 1315, when he gave Charles Robert Gown Doncel. His main task was to guard the road from Považie to Orava. The original castle it arrived lower castle since 1435 and the second half of the 15th century, the upper Gothic castle. Even castle Likavka transferred ownership of many of the then prominent people. Between 1642 to 1700 he has undergone further alterations, when they built a new fortress with five bastions. After it was damaged in 1670 imperial troops, that it becomes a prison dormitory. To his complete conquest it came in 1707 after repeated raid imperial army.


Havránok is a place that proves and demonstrates the presence of Celtic populations in Liptov in the 4th to 1st century BC. l. It is an important archaeological sites in Slovakia, where they discovered the remains of settlement from the Iron Age. Other findings include jewelery, ceramics, articles of iron and bronze, suggesting that Havránok Liptov was the seat of regional significance for the Celts. Just Celts were the first inhabitants of Slovakia. Found archaeological finds on Havránok undergone renovations, even some made from replicas. Precisely for this reason it is the first Slovak archaeological park in the open air, where we can admire the renovated apartment building, furnace for firing pottery, sacrificial ground and ramparts with a gate.


Gino Paradise Bešeňová

Park Bešeňová is an ideal place for refueling of lost energy and vitality. Throughout the year, you will know in the arms of enchanting nature of Liptov unique power of geothermal water, which has positive effects on the human body. Beneficial to motion and respiratory organs, has good cosmetic effects and thanks to lithium positive effect on the psyche. The complex lies in the region Liptov Bešeňová spa village, 12 km from Ruzomberok.

Park Bešeňová has grown since the summer of 2008 a completely new part of the complex, which dominates the 5 new pools and new attractions for children. Visitors will be able to choose a swim in pools with thermal or limpid water with a temperature of 26-39 ° C.

Park Bešeňová thus became the area with the largest number of anticorrosive pools in Slovakia – to 9 of a total of 16. The largest is a relaxation pool encircled underwater couchettes and benches with massage jets. It includes two water spouts and flipped aqueduct in the middle of the pool. Parents with children will welcome children’s splash pool with a fountain and a hedgehog with baby pool entry will boost further access to the water spray. Both pools have a non-slip bottom. Lovers of active swimming can enjoy the swimming pool 25 m with 6 tracks, starter blocks and lines at the bottom, where they can also organize international swimming competition. The new attraction of the area is wild river with an island in the middle, 9 recessed nozzles produces a jet of water and carries visitors rate from 1.6 to 2 meters per second. Fans of extreme sports fun enjoying the pool incident, in which the mouth of two water slides and 3-track slide. Together in the area of 9 tubes and slides.

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NEW eccentric adrenaline rush AQUAZORBING. Have you ever walked the surface of the water? We provide it for you! And you do not even take off your clothes! Come and try how to walk on the water surface – try to secure a unique and enjoyable experience on the water …

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Fun at Liptovská Mara

The boredom is over! The only camp on the beach Liptovska Mara now it will live! And hope you will experience exactly tailored. With 500 horses under the hood of your captain speedboat prepare an unforgettable experience. You can also ride on scooters, or try at wakeboarding or water skiing. A brand new and adrenalin is flyboarding where you stream water floats above the water, you can try flying or jumping like a dolphin. Then a well-deserved rest on comfortable pedal boats, kayaks and stand-up paddle. Friends can measure their strengths to aquazorbing bumper or football. The smallest boats to enjoy themselves to the safety of our pools.

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Malinô Brno

The resort is located only 2 km from the town of Ruzomberok, at the foot of the Great Fatra, at an altitude of 545 to 1,209 m.n.m. Gateway to the resort is the town part of Hrabovo (away from the city center only 1 km), where it leads to Malino Brdo modern 8-seat cabin cableway (length 1770 m., Carrying capacity of 1500 persons / hour). In the center is 4-chair lift, 2 ski lifts and 4 ski lifts for beginners and children. The center is available 12 km of pistes, the longest of which measured up to 3900 m, overcomes the altitude difference of 698 m. SNOW PARK Malino Brdo suitable for snowboarders and skiers-freestylers. Try a ride on a special rubber tire “tubing” routes for cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. There is also a ski and snowboard equipment.

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Multifunctional Sports Hall

New multifunction sports hall on an area of 1900 m2 is situated near Liptovský Mikuláš in the vicinity of Aquapark Tatralandia and Liptovská Mara. It offers year-round use 3 courses for sports such as tennis, badminton, table tennis, hockey, gymnastics and volleyball. Can rent sports equipment and tools.

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Mountain bikers season brings big changes. Liptov is because changes to Cycling Region not only of local importance, but with all the conveniences and services, which we know from abroad. The individual routes are interlinked and can be combined into larger circuits, and is currently supporting thematic cycle route Vlkolínec – Pribylina. This brings together all the most important tourist centers, attractions and landmarks of the region after the breathtaking natural beauty of the Tatras.

What to prepare

Thematic cycle route runs along diverse terrain with a length of just over 70 kilometers. After a short descent of Vlkolínec in Ruzomberok terrain is constantly increasing, the hardest is approximately 10 km long stretch from Pavčina time to severe coalface. From there remains still 20 km to the finish, it must therefore adequately distribute forces. Since the whole cycle route led throughout the villages, there is no problem anywhere to stand up on snacks, relax in the sights and refresh the natural springs along the route.

Vlkolínec – Lazisko

Cycle route begins in Vlkolínec of which decreases towards to Ruzomberok follow the blue mark. A slight incline continues through Liptovská Štiavnica in Partizánska Ľupča. Roughly halfway between the two villages is recommended to stop at Sliačske travertine. Once arrived in Partizánska? The route is associated with the red mark (turn right) and slightly decreases between the fields and meadows along asphalt roads and forest paths to Liptovské Kľačany. Partisan Ľupča is perfect as a place for a break – preserved town square surrounded by historic buildings, has the aura of the oldest mining town Liptov. Followed by about 8-kilometer stretch of the national road leading to Laziska, which is located approximately in the middle of trails and delight the maintenance of a relaxation place with natural springs.

Lazisko – Pribylina

After the village Lazisko followed by a short climb and pleasant unpretentious downhill in Pavčina time, where the crisis entrance to the Demänovská valley and continue to the heaviest section of the route with “infinite” pitches to Severe Poruba. From there, go to Liptovsky Jan and continue on the tarmac to Podturne while traversing over the river Vah. along the river (left) direction to Liptovský Hradek, where careful and properly turn left – marking at this point is not entirely clear. you in fact go to the other side of the state road and tap into earthen walkway along the river Bela ( going upstream). From Liptovský Peter has been ground more or less flat and unpretentious, full you can enjoy the atmosphere of the country – particularly Western Tatras in front of you and Low Tatras behind you. Taking a public road before the village Vavrišovo not the happiest choice but with a little attention is not a problem. Subsequently, a dirt road to get to Pribylina, which is the goal of bicycle paths. From here you have several other marked bike routes, either to return or extension to the whole route.

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Restaurant Koliba Gréta


Stylish restaurant with a fireplace is located in the beautiful scenery of Western Tatras on the bank of the Liptovská Mara between Aquapark Tatralandia and Thermal Park Bešeňová. The restaurant has a capacity of 60 seats, there is also a separate lounge for 20 people next to her. If you are among those who spend more in the open air, we are settled on a pleasant terrace with a magnificent view of Liptovská Mara and Choc mountains.

Carefully prepared menu will satisfy its diversity and delights every gourmet. From our restaurant will not leave anyone hungry or thirsty. Atmosphere of the restaurant is enhanced by an open fireplace with a grill and outdoor patio overlooking the Tatras and Liptovská Mara. Barbecues, Liptov feasts or celebrations will prepare roofed gazebo with built-in grill with a capacity of 70 persons.

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Microbreweryv Kvačanoch

Brewery restaurant offers beer specialties: beer cheese toasts, knee with ginger, sausage with beer, steaks, beer platter! The beer specialties try the raspberry-cut nettle beer or bitter and sweet ladies beer! Brewery tour with a lecture on the production of beer is excellent with educational element to visit the brewery.

Brontvai beer is yeast, unpasteurized, unfiltered beer made of mountain water in Liptov tourist area Kvačianska Valley. Each beer Brontvai the original, that is, the beer mávlastnú each recipe prepared for the particular type of beer, the composition of the water and the materials that we use.

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